ProFishNC Charters: Mid May Fishing Report Wrightsville, Carolina & Topsail Beach (May 9th – May 21st)

ProFishNC Charters: Late Spring Fishing Report
Wrightsville, Carolina & Topsail Beach (May 9th – May 21st)

Fishing has Really Picked up at Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach and Carolina Beach with MANY “double-digit” days fishing for Flounder, Red Drum, Atlantic Bonito, Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish! Spring Red Drum

New this Week!>>>  A LOT has happened in our local waters the past week & ½ as the Bait migrated into our local waters (Huge “Clouds of Bait” Menhaden & Glass-Minnows some of which were larger than 3 Football Fields!) bringing in the Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Atlantic Bonito & King Mackerel.

A brief description of the “New” Fish Runs for the week:

Cobia Fishing:

The Cobia moved in and currently being caught in the 60lb range off of Wrightsville Beach Topsail Beach and Carolina Beach feeding on Menhaden.  Live Bait is the key to catching these big guys; I prefer to use Live Bluefish and Threadfin Herring.  When targeting Cobia in the mid to upper water column, I use 2 4x Treble Hooks for the top-water approach.  I float my baits on either a 6 foot 50 lb mono leader or 60lb wire leader attached to a balloon for the buoyancy… When Fishing for Cobia on the bottom I use a 7ot Circle hook on both oversized Carolina Rigs and “Fish-Finder” Rigs with 50- 80 lb Fluorocarbon

 Spanish Mackerel Fishing: DSCN0204

The Spanish Moved in behind the large schools of Glass-Minnows and are aggressively feeding on anything “shiny” that is approximately the size of a 3 inch Glass Minnow.  You can troll Clark Spoons or preferably, find the Spanish on the top feeding and cast 1 & ½ oz. Crippled Herring into the schools… Be SURE to have a Fluorocarbon leader! … Now for the Near-shore King Mackerel: The near-shore Kings are small right now and are in the 20 –  30” range and are migrating with the Spanish Mackerel… but notable none the less:  (The Larger Kings are still a little further off the beach but will be in a week or so).

Fishing For Atlantic Bonito:

This seasons “run” of Atlantic Bonito has been GREAT compared to the recent years past!  Some have described the 2013 Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach run of Bonito as “Epic” due to the Bonito seemingly skipping over Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach in the past few years (the exception is Topsail Beach as anglers have consistently caught Bonito like Clockwork on “Divers Rock” from year to year).  At Best… we only have a 2 – 3 week “window” to catch Atlantic Bonito as they migrate through our local waters.  I fish both on the top sight-fishing for Bonito and Trolling Yo-Zuri Deep Divers (4”).  Remember to use Fluorocarbon as this variety of Tasty Tuna boasts some “Chainsaw-Like” Teeth! Atlantic Bonito Fishing

Coastal Fishing is Getting HOT as Number of Fish, Variety of Fish and Fishing Options is Literally growing by the Day!    Feel Free to “Drop me a Line” or e-mail if you have any questions about our Fishing Charters in Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Topsail Beach and Wilmington.


Capt. Trevor Smith

(910) 547-0000