Kids Fishing Charters

Kids Fishing Charters | Starting at $250

Inshore Chopper Bluefish Excitement!

Kids Fishing Charters are Capt. Trevors favorite fishing trips.  There’s nothing like spending a Fun Filled day on the water Fishing with your Kids, Capt. Trev will ensure that everyone is having Fun and Catching Fish.  We understand the importance of good instruction and continued help while your kids are fishing throughout the fishing trip.  I will assist and bait all hooks so you the parent are hands free to fish as well or take pictures of your kids excitement.

A Message from Captain Trevor:

Being both a father of a very active toddler and the oldest of four siblings I understand that the attention span of Kids is short at best.  Therefore, I have tailored a fishing charter experience designed especially for kids.

Nearshore Kids Mackerel Fishing

If you Choose the Kids Constant Action Fishing Charter, we have a great chance to put the kids on fish due to the type of fishing we will do.  This Fishing Charter is focused on Having Fun and Catching Fish (since kids attention span can be short, I put us in areas where we catch Lots of Fish).  On our kids fishing charter trips we are not targeting specifically gamefish; however, we are targeting the fish that are feeding best at the time to keep the fish coming over the side of the boat!   I do concentrate the Constant Action Fishing Charter on whatever is feeding the heaviest for the time of year, whether its PanFish or Gamefish.  As kids get older (say 10 and above) and their patience and focus increases, I can really pull the ‘fisherman’ out of them by teaching and implementing more advanced fishing techniques.  Just let me know the skill level of the family and I will tailor the trip for you.

Types of Fish we fish for with kids and where we fish our family charters:

Depending on the Beach where you are staying will determine where we fish; however, with the Kids on board I ensure we fish in only the SAFE and protected areas in the Inlets, Bays, around Docks and Bridges of Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Island, Figure Eight Island and Wilmington’s famous Cape Fear River.  We Catch Flounder, Drum, Trout, Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Black Seabass, Sharks and Everything in-between!  We typically use cut bait and live bait on our kids fishing trips as it is easiest for the little ones.

Our Constant Action Charter Makes Fishing Awesome For Kids!

Great First Flounder

Great First Flounder

On our Constant Action Charter we fish for “everything” inshore and using natural and artificial bait. We commonly catch Flounder, Drum, Bluefish, Spots, Black Sea Bass, Pinfish, Lizard Fish and the occasional Stingrays and the kids favorite, sharks.   Remember, each kids charter is custom tailored to your expectations, experience level and what type of fish you want to target. If there are young anglers on board fishing charters are started by teaching the kids how to throw a cast net and find bait! From there they learn (depending on their age) how to tie a Fishermen’s Knot, proper Rod and Reel execution and Boat Operation. It is essential for kids to engage in all aspects of the fishing charter experience and the kids also generally love this type of hands on fishing. Parents are usually delightfully surprised with what kids “take away” from the Constant Action Kids Charter!

*Catch Fish GUARANTEE:  Due to the type of fishing we do on our Constant Action Charters,

Captain Trevor's Daughter Hadley!

Captain Trevor’s Daughter Hadley!

we guarantee the kids catch fish!

*Parents: For Safety, we provide all size life vests for the kids; however, to ensure our littlest fisherman are protected, please bring a snug and fitted life vest for all children under 6.  If you do not have a life vest for the youngest of anglers, we will provide one for them.

* For your added convenience, Capt. Trev provides complementary Dock pickup for Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters and Figure Eight Island Fishing Charters.