Wilmington NC Fishing Charters

Fishing in Wilmington NC give you many options of fisheries to choose from:

Wilmington, NC Fishing Charters

Our charter boat fishing in Wilmington is one of our best year around fishing opportunities due to the tidally influenced brackish water fishery, the Cape Fear River.  The Cape Fear River headwaters begin in the Piedmont of NC and flow out to the Atlantic Ocean between Baldhead Island and Southport. A favorite fishery among many of the Wilmington locals, the Cape Fear River routinely gives up limits of Red Drum, Flounder, Speckled Trout and Striped Bass (aka Stripers). As is the case for our inshore and offshore fishing charters, Capt. Trev has fished the Cape Fear River for over 20 years including completing a two year study with the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries on the quality our fish stocks in the Cape Fear River.

A message from Capt. Trev:  “The Biodiversity of the resident fish species in the Cape Fear River is unbelievable.   There are very few estuaries in North Carolina where can you fish for & CATCH Striped Bass, Catfish, Drum, Flounder, Sturgeon, Sharks, Skates, Bream, Bass, Crappie, Spot, Croaker, Alligator Gar and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN within one mile of each other.   The reason for this Incredible Fishery is the Cape Fear Rivers Ecosystem and the convergence of the Tidal Saltwater combining with the Inland flowing Freshwater creating a Mixed Salinity of Brackish Water. Geographically, the Cape Fear River contains numerous wetlands, sandbars, river cliffs, scarps, oxbows, flats, marshes, creeks, inlets, channels and backwaters.  I remember back in my Fisheries Research Days pulling trawl nets during my time with NC Dep. of Marine Fisheries and sampling 3000 + juvenile fish larva that included 80 different species (both Saltwater & Freshwater Species) within a 100 yard sampling area in the Middle Cape Fear River.  All in All:  The Cape Fear River is a First Class Fishery and a Breeding Ground for many Saltwater and Freshwater Fish in North Carolina!”

Explore the Cape Fear River on a Wilmington NC Fishing Charter

There are MANY options when you fish with Capt. Trev on the Cape Fear River! Capt. Trev fishes from the Mouth of the Cape Fear around Baldhead Island and Southport in search of BIG Flounder and Red Drum all the way up past Down Town Wilmington in search of Big Striped Bass. The backwater bays of Fort Fisher at times offer schools of Red Drum by the hundreds which are easily caught by sight casting artificial baits and can really provide some non-stop fishing action. Capt. Trev will take you to his rarely fished backwater creeks and old shipping docks lining the Cape Fear in search of Monster Flounder and Black Drum as this estuary as a whole is teaming with life and Fishing Action!

After you fish the Cape Fear River with Capt. Trev., you too will have a new favorite fishery!! The unique complexity of the water in the Cape Fear River (turbidity, salinity and differing levels of clarity) allow for an endless quest for what YOU want to catch next!

Year Around Fishing Charters:   Our Wilmington, NC Fishing Charters are Year Around!  Wintertime fishing the Cape Fear River is excellent with many days catching limits of fish.   On our typical wintertime Wilmington Fishing Charter we fish for and catch Striped Bass, Red Drum, Speckled Trout and Flounder.   Call Captain Trev for details on your wintertime Fishing Charter Options.

Big Red Drum Fishing is On Fire!

Hey Y’all,

A quick report for the week of September 6th for our recent fishing charters.

We have had an excellent week targeting Trophy Red Drum on the nearshore reefs for some “once in a lifetime opportunities” to land a fish older than you. ūüôā

Our Kiddo Trips are in full swing as well so feel free to reach out to discuss our unique 2hr ($250) kiddo and family quick trips.

I hope to see all my repeat clients again this fall and remember to be safe at the beach and on the water; and remember, “Life is Short Go Fishing!”.

Capt Trevor Smith

ProFishNC Charters


Kids Fishing Charters have been HOT

We are well into our 2021 season and the fishing has been great! We have taken more Family and Kids fishing charters this season than a typical year and its great too see. There is nothing like spending quality time on the water with your family on a fully guided fishing trip.

Flounder season is only two weeks this year, feel free to give me a call anytime to book your special flounder fishing trip. We have a reef that is very productive very close to the Blockade Runner, Wrightsville Beach.

As we approach our Fall Fishing Season (my personal favorite time of year to fish) be sure to call early to book your trip, if you miss your chance this season, think about purchasing a Christmas Gift Certificate for next season.

Looking forward to the rest of the 2021 fishing season, see y’all on the water!

Capt Trevor Smith/ ProFishNC Charters

Sea Vee Charter Boat

2020 Fishing Season is in Full Swing

2020 Fishing season is here and we are excited to offer two fishing charter boats for you to choose from this season. We have a brand new 28′ Sea Vee CC equipped with a new Cummins 370 Diesel and have our trusty inshore/ nearshore McKee Craft CC.

We look forward to fishing with many of you again this season and meeting new clients and friends as we always do.

Call me directly to book your fishing charter at (910) 547-0000


Capt Trev

ProFishNC Fishing Charters Booking Spring Fishing 2018

Happy New Year everyone and hope y’all had a great Christmas Season!

We have been busy at ProFishNC Charters wrapping up the late fall fishing season, booking charters for spring and prepping for March 2018 Fishing Kickoff.

Spring Fishing is almost here; however, in the mean time and in the inevitable instance of “cabin fever”, give us a call and we can go winter fishing

Early Spring Action



Note: The best bottom fishing for Black Seabass in NC is January through April.    We typically find limits within 5 miles of the beach in the winter with a mix of tautog (black fish) and porgies.

Once April arrives we have the monster bluefish and Atlantic bonito show up in our local waters.  Both Atlantic bonito and bluefish in April are respectable in their fight and is great fun on light tackle (these fish are hungry and actively feeding on the migratory baitfish).

We offer hourly trips for families fishing with small children (typically around 2hrs) that would like to introduce fishing to their family in small doses.  This was very successful in 2017 as many families with kids under 5 years old found this charter option the best for their family.

Thanks and Tight Lines,

Capt. Trevor Smith/ ProFishNC Charters


Wrightsville Beach Fishing Charters Report- ProFishNC Charters

ProFishNC Charters Fishing Report 3/3/2017 *We now have a GPS Electric Anchor*

Im starting this report with a side note:   Those that know me know that I love taking people that have never fished or haven’t in so long that they needed to know how to cast a reel, then teaching them and seeing the smile when they feel the excitement of fishing.   That was my charter group today and makes me reflect on my younger years as a kid feeling that same joy that makes me remember that my job is not fishing, its to bring people happiness through fishing.

Ians biggest fish EVER! Nice 22 inch inshore Black Drum

Fishing Trip Details:  I had the pleasure of taking an awesome family from Ohio out for an early march fishing adventure.  We decided early to bottom-fish first then fall back to inshore as the winds were predicted to increase throughout the day (which it did).   The greatest feature of charter fishing out of Wrightsville Beach is the ease and comfort of navigating into the open ocean via Masonboro Inlet.  Masonboro Inlet is not only deep (35-40 ft), but also is a great habitat for fish as the rock jetties are a sanctuary for fish to feed.

Today we decided to fish for Black Seabass and Tautog; therefore, we made a bearing for what I’ve found to be an active “live bottom” with small ledges and rocks.  After a short 15 – 20 minute ride we arrived at our first fishing spot (as we captains call “first drop”).   I use shrimp and shrimp heads exclusively when targeting fish this time of year as the chances of landing a Tautog are now in the cards.  *Note:  We have UPGRADED to the newest and most advanced electric anchoring system (Minnkota Terrova).  We had four rods in the water with nonstop action.  After having our fill of constant action landing around 70-100 black seabass (2 were big) and decided to head inshore to fish for drum.

Once in the inlet we made our bearing north and fished the waters in and around Figure Eight

Red Drum “17 1/2 inch Schooie” Tally’s First Ever Red Drum

Island.   I personally love running Figure Eight Island Fishing Charters because the waters are pristine clear with many schools of wintering black and red drum this time of year.   We located the schools after checking a dock or two and had some fun.  We landed  5 drum (3 reds & 2 blacks) with the reds being 17 1/2 inch “cookie cutter” schoolies.

*WE UPGRADED TO A GPS “Spotlock” ELECTRIC ANCHOR (When we find fish offshore in 65ft of water we STAY ON THE FISH).  In all honesty, the non stop rod bending on all four rods today for two hours straight was EPIC.

Fishing Charter Details:  6 hr 3/4 Day Fishing Trip | Air Temp: 39-55  |  Water Temp:  57-58 Degrees Offshore/ 61-63 Degrees Inshore

Tight-Lines and remember to Take A Kid Fishing!

-Captain Trevor Smith | ProFishNC Charters | FishingChartersNC.com

North Carolina Fishing Charters & Fishing School Update

Hey Folks!

We are seeing drastically warmer temperatures compared to years past leaving us with an awesome fishery providing year-around North Carolina Fishing Charters!    Water temps in the mid 50’s and lots of schooling inshore and nearshore fish to catch.

We have updated our main fishing vessel “No Bananas” with state of the art trolling motor and electronics to really put you on the fish!

We are teaching this saturday at the Fishermans Post Fishing School here in Wilmington again this year.  With first class NC Fishing Charter Guides instructing all classes, I hope you got your tickets early :).

Call us anytime to book your fishing charter (910) 547-0000

Check out our Topsail Beach Fishing Charter page here.

-Captain Trevor Smith/ ProFishNC Charters:

Topsail/Wrightsville/Carolina/Figure Eight/Wilmington Fishing Charter Boats

Winter Fishing Charters / Fishing Gift Certificates

ProFishNC Charters Fishing Update : Fishing Gift Certificates

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall and had a great Thanksgiving!  Hopefully you are getting out and wetting a line.christmas-gift-certificates

Fishing Charter Gift Certificate Time is here again and we have them fresh out of the print shop just in time for Christmas.

Our fishing charter options include 1/2 day (4h), 3/4 day (6h) or full day trip (8h).

Give me a call or email for further details.

Fishing Report:  Topsail Beach and Wrightsville Beach inshore waters still have good numbers of trout that are feeding on shrimp and glass minnows.  Find the fast moving tidal water and trow your favorite green or white grub.  The flounder are still inshore in catchable numbers (more toward the back of the creeks and estuaries).With our water temperature still at 60 there are plenty of both nearshore bottom fishing and inshore trout fishing through January.

Nearshore Bottom fishing has been excellent with huge numbers of large black seabass, grunts and porgies.  We are also targeting nearshore Grouper in the 7-12 mile range.


We charter fish year-around, so if you cabin fever this winter give us a call!

Capt Trevor Smith: ProFishNC Charters

ProFishNC Charters: Wilmington Fishing Charters Report

ProFishNC Charters: Wilmington Fishing Charters (and surrounding beaches) report through mid July:

The sun is HOT and the water temps are UP providing opportunities to “Buffalo Hunt” for big fish.  The current inshore water temps are between 83 at high tide and 87 at low tide.  For our offshore waters I am seeing temps steady around 84 degrees.

Up to the minute fishing report:   (Water temps above observed 7/7/15)‚Ķ Fishing out of the Wrightsville Beach Inlets the small glass minnows are there in the billions pressed up in so close there were “red clouds” of barely bigger than plankton flowing like a well orchestrated dance as the the spanish mackerel crashed through.   Out to three miles there were albies and spanish jumping in what seemed to be a constant feeding frenzy (in reality we saw a topwater “washing machine” about every quarter mile which provided fun topwater action.  Cobia are still around as Captain Shawn’s charter boat caught a 40 pounder today inshore!   Its “go big or go home” time right now as there are too many big creatures lurking not to put out a BIG LINE anywhere you fish, especially with all the bait and the water temps up in the 80’s.

**Shark Fishing is Awesome Right Now!

Capt Trev / ProFishNC Charters

Wilmington Fishing Charters Spring Fishing Report

Spring Wilmington Fishing Charters Report | ProFishNC Charters | Spring 2016 | Capt Trev

ProFishNC Charters

Wilmington Fishing Charters | Spring Bonito Blitz!

in short, its Time to Book your Fishing Charter.

Well folks we are in the North Carolina annual coastal baitfish migration, the Atlantic Bonito are here as is the Wilmington Fishing Charters Spring Fishing Season!

Currently, the nearshore waters are between 60 and 67 degrees from 1 mile out to 10 miles as the warm days are rapidly bringing the temps up.   The inshore waters are between 64 and 75 degrees depending on the tide (lower outgoing tide is the warmest water in the estuaries right now and is helping the fish become more active and thus more hungry.

Nearshore Fishing Charters this week:

The Atlantic Bonito have showed up and as most locals know, one of our best eating tuna and the only edible one most folks get a shot at each year (since the other edible tuna are at the Gulf Stream 55 miles offshore). ¬†We are seeing a healthy class of Bonito so far in this seasons run with many having that desired “football” shape. ¬†We are catching them both with deep divers and sight fishing with diamond jigs and casting jigs. ¬†Note: Be sue to have your drags loose and have the net ready!Wilmington NC Fishing Charters

Bottom Fishing is a popular choice this time of year for many of our Wilmington Fishing Charters clients. Bottom Fishing is picking up swiftly with many keeper Black Seabass, Silver Snapper, Flounder, Grey Trout and Sharks this week.   We are using fresh cut bait, live baits and jigs this time of year that match the current baits in the area.  Right now we have a run of silverside anchovies that are between 2 and 3 inches; therefore, our jigs and strip baits are to the same specks.  .

Inshore Fishing

Our Inshore Fishing Charters are picking up as we are catching flounder, red drum, black drum and speckled trout.  The Flounder are coming from the very backs of the creeks and estuaries where they can lay in the warmer waters and sun-heated sands.  The Red Drum are coming from both the warm flats and the deepwater docks in the creeks as they are feeding on the bait that is flooding our estuaries currently.  Most of the bait inshore right now is the spring hatch from a month or two ago which means the smaller sides bait the better right now, whereas later in the season the opposite is true.  Black Drum are feeding on the edges of oyster bars and dock pilings on crustaceans and shrimp.   Trout are in the swifter moving waters feeding on baitfish rapidly moving through the water column.  Basically, our inshore fishery is about as good as it gets right now for our Spring fishing season.

Don’t forget to Fish with Your Family | Check out our Family Fishing Charters

Capt. Trevor Smith | ProFishNC Charters | 2016 | (910-547-0000