Types of Wilmington Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters in Wilmington, North Carolina:ProFishNC Charters Logo

Choose from offshore, inshore, nearshore fishing or utilize our capt for hire option.

We provide year around fishing charters for families and professional fisherman with flexabile fishing options, boats and schedules.

We fish many different bodies of water depending on the season, water temperatures and salinity levels.

You can find our charter fishing rates here.

Inshore Fishing Charters:   Though we utilize all our local area beaches, our Wilmington fishing charters (Inshore trips) are a fun and relaxing way to spend the day on the water as the the clam and protected backwaters.  The great thing about our inshore fishing charters is that our inlets, estuaries and backwaters provide the saltwater fishing experience without being on the open ocean.   We start your inshore fishing charter at your pre-determined dock location at one of our local beaches, from there, we cater to your inshore fishing requests as we always give you options at to the type of you would like to do (live bait or artificial) and locations you would like to fish (inlets, secluded backwaters, inlet mouths or waterways).

Offshore Fishing Charters:  Our Offshore Fishing Trips (10 – 45 miles out) are tailored to the specific fish migrations for the time of year.  You can expect to target Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Sailfish, Grouper and bottom fish.  When you book a fishing charter offshore we tell you what fish are running and which fish are best to target.  Some clients like to “buffalo hunt”, which means we swing for the fences with big baits and target the real monster fish and other clients like to go for more quantity which we do a combination of bottom fishing and trolling for the big fish.   As with any offshore fishing trip, the seas and weather dictate if we can safely fish offshore.  At ProFishNC Charters, we ALWAYS air on the side of safety and will fish inshore or nearshore if we cannot get you offshore fishing due to weather and seas.

Nearshore Fishing Charters:  Our nearshore fishing trips are by far the most booked fishing charters that our clients choose.   We fish between 1 mile and 5 miles from shore providing a fishing experience that is out in the ocean but within sight of land.  The great benefit of nearshore fishing is that we can always come inshore to fish the clam waters if anyone feels a little seasick as it is a quick ride to the protected waterways and inlets.  You can expect a “combination fishing trip experience” when we you book a nearshore fishing charter with bottom fishing and trolling on the daily fishing menu.   This is a great option for anglers of any age and fishing experience as our fishing guides will assist and train you on the fishing methods to ensure you have the best chance on catching that big fish.

Cape Fear River Fishing Charters:  We are a very diverse fishing charter company with freshwater and brackish water fishing charter option for you to choose from.   We are in an area of North Carolina that boasts some of the best river fishing via our Cape Fear River Fishing Trips.   We start you fishing charter in the beautiful downtown Wilmington at Dramtree State Park under the Cape Fear River Bridge.   From there one of our captains will give you your fishing option and you will either fish in the NE Cape Fear River where the salinity levels are lower enabling you to target Striped Bass, Catfish and Red Drum.   If you decide to go south in the Cape Fear River you will be targeting Red Drum, Black Drum, Speckled Trout and Flounder.   *Note, these charters are a great option for hotel dock pickup as many of our clients we pick up from the Hilton Downtown Wilmington and the Best Western Downtown.  Cape Fear River Winter Fishing Charters are a great bet to target Striped Bass in our cooler water seasons as well.

Captain For Hire Fishing Charters:  At ProFishNC Charters we go beyond our Charter Fishing Boats and provide hands on Boating Lessons, Fishing Lessons and Boater Safety on your boat.  One of our Charter Captains will meet you at your local marina, dock or boat launch and “show you the ropes” on your own vessel.   When buying a new boat, its always nice to have a professional show you where to fish, how to fish and navigate our local waters safety right away.  When you book your captain for hire charters, we will also advise you on specific fishing gear you need in our waters and the types of electronics that will benefit your specific boating needs.

Corporate Fishing Charters:   We provide year-around Corporate Fishing Trips with numerous business in North Carolina that come to our coast for conferences and vacations.  We are affiliated with several Charter Fishing Companies in North Carolina that allows us to split up the Corporate Fishing party into several “teams” allowing us to have a friendly fishing competition that we format into a Fishing Tournament style.  For example, many of our Corporate Fishing Charter clients like the format where we count the most fish, largest fish, ugliest fish, smallest fish and least amount of fish.   At the end of your Charter Fishing Trip, we have a fun picture taking session at the dock and bragging rights are given out!  See more about our guided corporate fishing trips here:

*Note to the Corporate Fishing Charter Organizer:  We can have trophies made at a nominal cost for one or each category to always remember your Corporate Fishing Trip.   Many of our Corporate Charter Clients are on a yearly schedule, just ask Captain Trevor and we can get you set up.

Kids and Family Fishing Trips:   I believe that we provide the best family and kids fishing charters in North Carolina.  Being a dad, I truly understand the short attention span that kids have; therefore, we do our best to get them catching fish as soon as possible.  I let the parents decide if we want quantity or quality of fish as most days we can really catch a lot of small fish for the kiddos with relative ease.  There are many locations that we fish where we can both target gamefish and smaller panfish in the same location.  You can check out Captain Trevor’s biography and learn a little more about his fishing experience and outlook on our fishing industry.

For our  youngest of anglers we now provide hourly fishing charters (typically 2-3 hours of fishing) at an hourly rate.