Captain Trevor

Fishing Charter Boat Captain Trevor Smith 

The energetic and always smiling Captain Trevor Smith is one of the most knowledgeable, successful and fun charter boat captains in North Carolina. Capt. Trev is lifetime “Student of Fishing” and through his world travels studying the fisheries of Kenya and Alaska, Capt. Trev has applied many unique and productive fishing techniques & methods back home. Coming from a unique fishing background, Captain Trev’s early childhood passion for fishing was embraced, encouraged and fostered by his parents at the early age of two (even teaching his dad how to throw a cast net at 5 years old).

Capt Trevor fished every chance he had as a child and young teen winning fishing tournaments, local fishing derbies and catching numerous State Citation sized fish prior finishing college.  Working his way through college as a fisherman on the water, Capt. Trevor commercially crabbed for blue crab inshore for a mom and pops commercial fishing company; thereafter, graduating from UNCW with a degree in Environmental Science.   The most educational fisheries experience was a two-year internship with the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries assessing the quality of Southeastern North Carolinas Coastal Fish Stocks.

A Message from Captain Trevor…Fishing Charter Captain in Alaska

“Fishing to me is way more than just a hobby, fishing is my source of happiness and a way of life as through fishing I have learned patience, empathy and the ability to just stop… and listen to Nature leaving all of the worries of the day back on the shore. In the stressful world we live in, this ‘mental escape’ is one of the most important and gratifying aspects of fishing because when you can capture this, you will see the benefits carry over throughout many aspects of your life. I have truly been blessed with a unique gift and ability that I want to share with anyone wanting to catch fish and have fun doing it!”
-Capt. Trev


With over 30 years of fishing the Carolina Coast and worldwide we will  keep you and the Family having FUN and Catching Fish!

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