4/15/13 Fishing Charter “Scent” Secrets to Catching More Fish in 2013! (ProFishNC Charters)

4/15/2013 ProFishNC Charters:  Charter Fishing Tips & Water Temp Report:

Lets get started with our current Inshore & Nearshore Water Temperature Update for SE NC Beaches.  In a continuation of the ongoing water temp trend for the 2013 Fishing Season we are still seeing “unseasonably” cooler water temps for all of our local beaches which are hanging at 58 degrees for Topsail, Wrightsville & Carolina Beach.  It appeared last week that we were in line for a rapid increase of water temps as we had several consecutive days in the upper 70’s…. then the COLD RAINS cooled our waters back down.   I am calling this a 3 week delay in traditional warming trends and are largely due to the steep Southern Drop in the Jet Stream along with cooling rains.  This combination has kept the water temps below the seasonal average,: thus, delaying the INFLUX of Spring Fish by about 3 weeks (using water temps as the “control”).  We are still having good catches of Red Drum, Black Drum, Bluefish, Trout and Flounder; however, they are not as “thick” when in comparison to my logs of years past.   Regardless of the slow rise in water temp, we can still put you ON the FISH (See Below!)

I want to share a few “Fishing Charter Scent Secrets” that I use Charter Fishing in both unseasonably cool waters and throughout the summer Fishing Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Topsail Beach, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington & The Cape Fear River (The following Scents and Brines WORK both East Coat & West Coast (Including Alaska and Most Likely… World Wide!).

As we the water temps Slooooowly warm here on the Southeastern Coast of NC ; we as Fisherman are finishing up the task taking inventory of “Last Seasons” Fishing Tackle, culling old gear and Stocking UP on new gear.   I do have a few CRUCIAL tips that will assist in you Catching More Fish in 2013… HINT:  Scent, Scent and more Scent!!!

I want to Highlight a commonly overlooked and Necessary Tool to every Fisherman’s Arsenal…  Scenting Your Baits! I am not just talking about your standard Artificial Baits but your “Fresh Dead Baits” as well.

In todays Market… I Solidly Stand Behind Both Nate’s Bait and ProCure Scents used in the application of “Fresh Dead Baits” and Artificial Baits (respectively).  NOTE: I am not a paid sponsored by Nate’s Bait or ProCure; however, when I see a product in the Fishing Industry that I see Actually Work… I want to share it!

Lets Start with Nate’s Bait…..  What an unbelievable Bait Cure that not only Preserves & Brines your Shrimp, Ballyhoo & Mullet but also adds the COLOR of your choosing (Blue, Pink, Green) that complements the Could Cover, Water Color, Turbidity and Water Temperature.  For Clearer Waters with low Turbidity I choose to use the Pink Nate’s Bait Brine.   For High Turbidity and Darker Water Color I choose to use Blue Nate’s Bait Brine followed by the Green Nate’s Bait Brine.  Reasoning:  Use Dark Colors for Cloud Cover, Low Light & High Turbidity… Use BRIGHT Colors for High Light, Clear Visibility and Low Turbidity.  Simply follow the direction on the Nate’s Bait Herring Cure (Don’t let the “Herring Cure” title throw you off!   From Personal Experience Trolling Ballyhoo at the Stream, Fishing the Cape Fear River using Dark Blue cured Shrimp to Surf Fishing Pink Brined Mullet & Shrimp… The results speak for themselves as Nate’s Bait is Truly #1 for Brining and Coloring Natural Dead Baits!   Just follow the directions on the bottle and your are half way there… (the other half is finding the fish! :).

Now on to ProCure!   What an awesome scent to add to any artificial!  ProCure really makes the fish “Hold On” as when fish feed, the aggressiveness of the strike and the willingness to “hold on” depends not only on the presentation but also the scent and taste the fish experience when they bite your PLASTIC BAIT (emphasis on Plastic).   Lets face it, you are NOT Fishing with a Natural Bait; however, an Unnatural Plastic Bait… You DO NEED all the help you can get making the fish HOLD ON.   ProCure is the answer… I use both the Shrimp Scent and the Mullet Scent; however, there are many scents produced by ProCure that will fit your needs.  Side Note:  My Halibut Fishing Captain in Seward Alaska Used the ProCure Scent “ButtJuice”  Holy cow… this stuff works for Halibut (Just check out my Alaska 2012 Pics in my photos!).

All in all, use Scent on all of your Fresh Dead and Artificial Baits… You will increase your catch in 2013

As Always, Tight Lines!

-Capt. Trev (ProFishNC Charters)

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